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  • 新闻动态


    Too many negative reports will damage the image of the security industry. Only by intensifying positive publicity can we gradually establish a good image of security personnel.
    To do a good job of positive promotion, we should publicize the basic knowledge of the security industry. The basic knowledge of the security industry includes two aspects:
    (1) The macro-level of the security industry, such as the scope of security services including gatekeepers, patrols, guards, escorts, security checks, security and technical precautions;
    (2) The micro-level of security work, such as a community security officer in addition to doing their basic work, but also to help other residents do what they can.
    If we go online to search for security, there will be a lot of news, but if we go to search for security basic knowledge, there will be fewer pages, which can be seen, the current security industry is very inadequate to popularize basic knowledge.
    Because people do not know much about this, so most people think that security is a guard patrol, they do not know that the escort is also a security guard, security checks, security guards are also security guards. Not to mention the fact that the security guards are on duty during the day and patrol late at night to help the people in need.
    To do a good job in publicizing basic knowledge of security personnel, efforts should be made in these areas.
    首先,改变保安公司管理人员的管理观念。其次,在客户单位里面做好宣传。再次,做好全面宣传,走上大街进行宣传。 最后, 多与媒体沟通,要求他们尽量进行正面的报道。才能做好保安人员基本知识的宣传,让社会群众对保安人员有一个正确的认识。
    First of all, change the management concept of security company managers. Secondly, do propaganda in the client unit. Third, do a good job of publicity and walk on the streets. Finally, communicate with the media and ask them to make positive reports as far as possible. Only in this way can we do a good job in publicizing the basic knowledge of security personnel and let the public have a correct understanding of security personnel.
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